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Built on science and passion, CDx Diagnostics is a leader in diagnostic innovation, developing next-generation AI-powered technology that empowers healthcare professionals to help stop cancer before it starts.



Mission Statement

Empowering Physicians with Innovative Technology to Prevent Esophageal Cancer, One Patient At A Time.


CDx Technology

As an organization committed to putting patients first, CDx Diagnostics continues to rise to the challenges facing healthcare providers and patients.

Our mission is accomplished through a proprietary diagnostic platform that synthesizes computer imaging, artificial intelligence, molecular biology and three-dimensional cytopathology to detect precancerous change earlier and more reliably than prior methods.

CDx tests require only a few minutes of practice time, are cost-effective, and address a recognized critical gap in the current diagnostic standard of care that results in thousands of otherwise unnecessary cancer deaths each year.

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CDx Research & Development

Routine clinical use of CDx testing has already detected thousands of precancers and cancers that would otherwise have been missed in time for effective endoscopic treatment.

CDx Diagnostics is looking to apply the WATS3D platform to prevent cancers of the bile duct, stomach, and colon.

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Our People

Great innovation requires amazing people and, at the heart of CDx Diagnostics are our employees —purpose-driven people united by a culture of innovation, and desire to improve the lives of others.

CDx is a company of passionate, experienced innovators, problem-solvers and — quite simply — remarkable people, who inspire breakthrough solutions and push the boundaries of what is possible.

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WATS® Medical Services

Examination of tissue as part of the WATS procedure

CDx Diagnostics is actively working towards adapting their WATS technology for use in other areas of the gastrointestinal tract (and beyond) with the ultimate goal of helping make cancer a preventable disease.


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