Research and Development

CDx Diagnostics is committed to helping make cancer a preventable disease through innovative technology – starting with WATS3D for esophageal cancer.

But we’re not stopping there…

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WATS3D is not a single test—it’s an advanced
AI-powered diagnostic platform.

Future Vision

CDx Diagnostics is expanding the application of our proprietary technology - developing tests in the digestive tract by adapting the approach of the WATS3D diagnostic platform to detect precancerous changes and prevent cancers of the bile duct, stomach, and colon - cancers with poor prognoses without improved diagnostics to reliably detect precancer before it can progress to cancer.


>5-Year Survival Rate
(Stage I Stomach Cancer)


>5-Year Survival Rate
(Stage II Stomach Cancer)


>5-Year Survival Rate
(All Stages of Pancreatic Cancer Combined)

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Ongoing R&D

CDx Diagnostics has a dedicated team of world-class imaging and artificial intelligence engineers and developers committed to pushing the edge of impossibility to create next-generation diagnostic and histocytology solutions.


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