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WATS3D : A simple procedure can help your doctor better manage your esophageal health.

If you have persistent heartburn or chronic acid reflux, also known as GERD, your doctor may have discussed the need for an endoscopy to look at your esophagus.

The specially designed WATS3D brush instrument may be added to this procedure in order to collect a more comprehensive tissue sample from a much broader area of the at risk esophagus.

WATS3D has been shown to aid physicians in finding precancerous cells, that if left undetected, could progress to something more serious.


Why do I need WATS3D?

WATS3D is an advanced diagnostic procedure that uses a specially designed brush instrument and advanced AI computer analysis to help gastroenterologists reliably rule out precancer or detect precancer before it develops into esophageal cancer.

During your endoscopy, your doctor may determine that a WATS3D procedure is medically necessary and perform a WATS3D biopsy since the technology has been shown to be more effective at identifying potentially harmful cells than the standard method alone.

Esophageal cancer is one of the fastest-growing cancers in the United States.

Having acid reflux or Barrett's esophagus may raise your chances of getting esophageal cancer. With WATS3D, you and your doctor can stay ahead of potential hidden danger. The WATS3D procedure is proprietary and is made available only by CDx Diagnostics, Inc.

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Karen's Story

Karen had no idea her acid reflux could lead to something more serious.   Watch her story unfold in a segment from the Lifetime Television Network.

See how her doctor's decision to use WATS3D may have saved her life.

Important Resources for your Doctor

It's all about making your conversation with your healthcare provider easier and ensuring you both understand how WATS3D can make managing Barrett's esophagus more effective. These materials will make it easier to discuss the benefits of using WATS3D during your upper endoscopy.

WATS3D Patient Brochure


The brochure provides awareness around the link between chronic heartburn and the value that a reliable diagnostic tool (WATS3D) provides to both the doctor and the patient.


Patient Billing Card


This piece provides a billing overview for the procedure as well as highlighting CDx Diagnostics' commitment to working to make the life-saving WATS3D technology available to all patients.