How the BrushTest Works

Step 1: Screen
Perform an oral cancer screening on every patient

The hygienist and doctor should look for red, white and mixed spots that may indicate precancer or cancer in their patients’ mouths.

Step 2: Test
BrushTest any spots or unexplained changes

Follow the instructions on how to test, prepare, and submit the sample to CDx Diagnostics for analysis. Inform your patients that most tested spots are negative, and even if unhealthy cells are found, they can typically be removed long before they can become harmful. Results should be available in approximately 5 days.

Step 3: Review the BrushTest Report

If CDx Diagnostics reports that no abnormalities are found, but the lesion persists or changes, reevaluate and/or re-test the area.Connect with our in-house dental consultants with any questions you have about the technique, specific findings, communication with your patients, or to discuss results.
(In the unlikely event that pre-cancer or cancer is identified be prepared to make a referral to an oral surgeon or medical doctor for further testing and treatment planning.)