Doctor Resources

Here are some materials that you can download, print out or email to your doctor.
The top row provides a thorough overview.

Clinical Studies

OralCDx JADA coverOralCDx Pivotal Clinical Trial – JADA 1999
Double-blind study with almost 1,000 patients and 35 dental schools.

Support Material

OralCDx SpotGuide
Useful guide for common oral spots


OralCDx Professional Brochure
An overview of the powerful technology that drives prevention.

Head & Neck Oncology – 2011
Critical examination of value in identifying oral squamous cell carcinoma and its precursor lesions.

OralCDx VizAid
Useful guide for common oral spots

OralCDx Patient Brochure
Straight-forward patient brochure about the BrushTest

Oral Oncology 2004Oral Oncology 2004
The sensitivity and specificity of the OralCDx technique: evaluation of 103 cases.
Summary of OralCDx Studies and ArticlesAccuracy of OralCDx
An Overview of Studies and Articles about OralCDx.

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